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Bulgarian Sports Totalizator

     The Bulgarian Sports Totalizator was established in 1957 and ever since has been the leader in the field of digit lotteries. The Bulgarian Sports Totalizator is the sole organization legally holding of the rights over the number games 5/35, 6/42 and 6/49. All of them are with two extractions. In two of the games - 6/49 and 6/42 there is a rolling jackpot. Toto Joker is another game on the basis of the preprinted number of the slip with jackpot. The frequency of the games is twice a week – every Thursday and Sunday, and the drawing is broadcast directly on the Bulgarian national television. Since 2002 the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator has been conducting the game called “A Second Toto Chance” – yet another opportunity for any of the participants to win. It involves slips from all three drawings and the winners are chosen by the preprinted number of the slip through an additional drawing (a kind of lottery). The holder of the winning preprinted number is awarded prizes in cash and in kind. Since 1992 the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator has been holding scratch instant tickets as well - A chance for all, Win by your sign, White Olympiad and other.

     The Bulgarian Sports Totalizator is an institution with a long-standing presence in the public domain, a prestigious institution, well known for its traditions. For 54 years now these games of fortune have been an integral part of the Bulgarian way of life and culture.

     Every week the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator brings about the feelings of hope in hundreds and thousands of people – the games are popular in every Bulgarian home. The processing of the coupons is effectuated by a Bulgarian off-line system. There is a well-established network of 1800 toto terminals throughout the country.

     Bulgarian Sports Totalizator works for modernization and is soon to establish an on-line system, SMS toto and different new games.

     The Bulgarian Sports Totalizator is the major source of financing the sports in Bulgaria and thus providing for its development – 17 percent of the revenues are granted to the Ministry of physical education and sports. The Corporate tax of 15% for the year paid by Bulgarian Sports Totalizator returns to the Ministry of physical education and sports.The Bulgarian Sports Totalizator has provided prizes to all Bulgarian Olympic, World and European champions which is yet another proof of its close cooperation with the sports. Therefore its motto is “You win, and so does our sport”.


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